• Combinatorial approaches in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine,

  • Bioinspired Approaches for Bone and Neuronal Tissue Engineering,

  • Drug Delivery devices- Therapeutic scaffolds and Natural Products

  • Radiopaque Materials & Injectable Biomaterials for regenerative tissue engineering

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Nanomedicine & Theranostic Materials

  • Magnetic Drug Delivery Devices with Hyperthermia potential for Cancer Therapy

  • Targeted Gene Therapy with Functional Nanoparticles,

  • Quantum dots, MOFs and Fluorescent materials for Cancer Theranostics,

  • Mechanism of apoptotic pathways & Cellular uptake mechanism of nanoparticles

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Antibacterial Formulations & Products

  • Development of antibacterial formulations for biomedical products

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Active bayerite underpinned Ag2O/Ag: An efficient antibacterial nanohybrid combating microbial contamination; Metallomics 2021;


  • Inorganic hybrids

  • Nano Metal Assembled Structures for Biological Applications

Lawsone Derived Zn (II) and Fe (III) Metal Organic Frameworks with pH Dependent Emission for Controlled Drug Delivery