Dr. Unnikrishnan P.S.

University Post-Doctoral Fellow

Email: unni.ukps87@gmail.com


Dr. Unnikrishnan is a University Post-Doctoral Fellow (UPDF) in Prof. G.S. Sailaja’s team at the Department of Polymer Science and Rubber Technology since August 2021. Before joining in this group he completed his post doctoral project in large animal model for the clinical translation of bone grafts for tissue regeneration at Amrita Centre for Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Biotechnology from Vellore Institute of Technology, 2017 under the supervision of Dr. M. A. Jayasri, where his research focused on bio-prospecting of seaweeds with special reference to diabetic complications. He presently works on the project “Biocompatible 3D Scaffolding through Femtosecond Laser Photo- polymerization for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine”.

Research Interests

3D-Sacffold for bone tissue engineering, animal model development, osteoporosis


Best poster award-November, 2017: International conference on advances in degenerative diseases and molecular interventions

Research award-April, 2015: School of bio sciences and technology, VIT University Vellore

Research award-April, 2014: School of bio sciences and technology, VIT University Vellore


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Conference Presentations

  • Unnikrishnan P.S., S. Sini, M.V. Reshma, S.R. Suja, E. Muthulakshmi, S.N. Rajasekharan and P. Jayamurthy (2017). Scientific validation of ayurvedic medicinal plants used in traditional/tribal/folk medicines for the management of diabetes [International Conference on Advances in Degenerative Diseases and Molecular Interventions (ADDMI- Best Poster Award) 2017, India]

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  • Unnikrishnan, P.S. and M.A. Jayasri (2016). Investigation of four edible seaweed extracts against starch digestion rate and insulin secretion in vitro [International Conference on Current Trends in Biotechnology (ICCB) 2016, India]

  • Unnikrishnan, P.S., K. Suthindhiran and M.A. Jayasri (2012). Marine algae as a potential source for antidiabetic compounds [CAMTech-India Medical Hackathon 2012, India]

  • Unnikrishnan, P.S. and R. Prathap Chandran (2010). Optimization for the production of keratinase enzyme from Bacillus cereus [National seminar on Frontiers in Biotechnology 2010, India]