Liz Hannah George

UGC-CSIR Senior Research Fellow

Liz joined the lab in September 2016. She has MSc in Applied Chemistry and an M.Phil in Chemistry. Her research is design and synthesis of Metal Organic Frameworks and nanoconjugate systems for Biomedical Applications. She specializes in Synthetic Chemistry; MOFs, Organic-inorganic Hybrids, Cell culture and Biofunctional assays.


Long-Lived Photoluminescent PMMA Silver Terephthalate Polymer Composite Films with antibacterial activity; G.S.Sailaja; Liz Hannah George; Indian Patent; 202041003122 ( Filed 2020)


P. Sirajunnisa, Liz Hannah George, N. Manoj, S. Prathapan and G. S. Sailaja, Lawsone Derived Zn (II) and Fe (III) Metal Organic Frameworks with pH Dependent Emission for Controlled Drug Delivery, New Journal of Chemistry, 2021, DOI: 10.1039/D1NJ01913A


International Conference on Biomaterials, “BIOTerm-2019”, IIT Kanpur, 28th Nov -1st Dec 2019

Conference presentations

1. Liz Hannah George and G. S Sailaja. World Biomaterials Congress WBC, Glasgow, Scotland, December 19-24, 2020

2. Liz Hannah George, Manoj N, Sailaja G. S. Long-lived Photoluminiscent Silver Carboxylate For Optical And Biological Applications, 32nd Kerala Science Congress, 25-27 th January 2020, (oral Presentation)

3. Liz Hannah George, Aswin A., Sailaja G. S., Polyelectrolyte Complex/Hydroxyapatite Osteoconductive Injectable Scaffold For Bone Tissue Regeneration, International Conference on Biomaterials, “BIOTerm-2019”, IIT Kanpur, 28th Nov -1st Dec 2019 (Best Poster Award)

4. Liz Hannah George, Aswin A., Priyanka V. B., Sailaja G. S., Nanohydroxyapatite Encapsulated Bioactive Polymer

5. Liz Hannah George, Sailaja G. S., P. Ramesh, H. K. Varma, Poly(Lactic Acid)/chitosan coated hierarchically biodegradablehydroxyapatite microspheres with highly interconnecting porosity for controlled drug delivery applications, International conference on expanding horizons of technological applications of ceramics and glasses, PUNE , December 14-16, 2017.

6. Liz Hannah George, Sailaja G. S., Aminoacid inspired supramolecular assembled structures of silver for bioimaging applications, The 6th Asian Biomaterial Congress” Trivandrum, October 25-27, 2017.