Sirajunnisa P.

Senior Research Fellow

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Sirajunnisa is a senior research fellow (SRF) in Prof. G. S. Sailaja’s research group at the Department of Polymer Science and Rubber Technology, joined in September 2016 as a UGC – Junior Research Fellow. She pursued her master’s degree in Applied Chemistry in 2015 from the Department of Chemistry, University of Calicut, Kerala. Her research works are focused on the development of fluorescent metal organic frameworks and nanohybrids for drug delivery, cellular imaging/ sensing applications.

Research Interests

Fluorescent organic-inorganic nanohybrids, Cellular imaging/sensing, Controlled drug delivery.


v UGC- Junior Research Fellowship, 2015

v Gate 2016


· P. Sirajunnisa, Liz Hannah George, N. Manoj, S. Prathapan and G. S. Sailaja, Lawsone Derived Zn (II) and Fe (III) Metal Organic Frameworks with pH Dependent Emission for Controlled Drug Delivery, New. J. Chem. 2021.

· R. J. Maya, Athira Krishna, P. Sirajunnisa, Cherumuttathu H Suresh and Ramavarma Luxmi Varma, Lower Rim Modified Calix[4]arene-Bentonite Hybrid System as A Green, Reversible and Selective Colorimetric Sensor for Hg2+ Recognition, ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 2017, 5, 8, 6969–6977.

Conference Presentations

· P. Sirajunnisa, Liz Hannah George, Manoj N. and Sailaja G.S., pH Dependent Fluorescent Metal Organic Frameworks for Cellular Imaging, National seminar on New Fronteirs in Material and Environmental Sciences, SH College Thevara, 28-29 January 2020 (Oral presentation).

  • P. Sirajunnisa, Liz Hannah George, N. Manoj and G.S. Sailaja Metal organic frameworks for drug delivery and cellular imaging: Lawsone as an organic linker, World Congress on Biotechnology Healthcare Summit- 2019, IISC Banglore, 28-29th August 2019 (Poster presentation).

  • P. Sirajunnisa, S.B. Anjali, Y. Anie, Sobhi Danial, A. Yamuna and G.S. Sailaja, Synthesis of Novel Biocompatible Fluorophore-Conjugated Polymer Derivatives for Bioimaging applications, CUSAT-NUS Joint International conference on “Biotechnology and Neuroscience” (CUSBAN-2016), Cochin (Poster presentation).